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646f9e108c Charles Stewart (Earle) is a Vietnam vet who wants answers about his brother Rick's death. He teams up with Dean Daniels (Ernblad), a reporter interested in missing Vietnam soldiers. It turns out the evil Spacek (Fridh) started a training camp in South Africa to pump out Super Soldiers. These brainwashed, emotionless, unstoppable killing machines are now on the loose.
Before Universal Soldier there was War Dog, a low budget Swedish action flick that shares a lot of similarities with the aforementioned Van Damme vehicle.<br/><br/>Charles Stewart is unwilling to accept that his brother Rick died in &#39;Nam, so with the help of a friend he begins to investigate the circumstances surrounding his brothers missing-in-action status. His buddy puts him in touch with journalist Dean Daniels who makes a living on the side helping people track down relatives presumed MIA.<br/><br/>Dean shows Charles a videotape documenting a political assassination, and amongst the hit men Charles recognizes his brother and his former commanding officer, Spacek. Now motivated by the fact that his brother is still alive, Charles sets out to discover what exactly was going on in that video and who is behind it all.<br/><br/>War Dog is a surprisingly bloody actioner that utilizes its limited budget to the fullest. The opening scenes depict an over-the-top massacre wherein assassins indiscriminately slaughter young children and senior citizens who get in their way. It&#39;s not often in an action film you get to see a child shot to pieces in slo-mo.<br/><br/>Some slight drawbacks to the film are where the beginning and ending are all-out action, the middle section slows things down a bit which gives it a somewhat uneven feel overall. In addition some of the acting is rather stilted and the horrendous dubbing - despite the fact the original language is English - can make for some unintentional comedy.<br/><br/>Minor shortcomings aside, I found War Dog to be a pretty decent low budget effort with enough blood, guns &#39;n&#39; explosions to sate the average exploit/action lover&#39;s appetite.
This is a pretty great low-budget flick…with lots of explosions, shoot-outs and gore. Okey, it´s swedish…but the best action-movie ever produced in Sweden in the eighties!

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